A recent Lavrak production exploring the highs and lows of a music festival through circus, dance and physical theatre.


Directed by Lucinda Zimmer, Hexed tells the unsettling tale of a small town living under a curse. The story is beautifully narrated by a live folk band and stunning circus and dance. Most recently hosted at YardArts, Bristol. 

Stormchasters, theatre, performance


‘Very pleased to have caught the matinee and very much enjoyed!’

-Elizabeth Tiffany Day


‘Can’t wait to see this show lovely people xxxxxxxx’

-Rosie Jones


 ‘Beautiful atmosphere, stunning story and even better acting!’

-Liz Atherton


‘Good luck for the show tonight guys! Looking forward to seeing it. :)’

-Matt Rushmere


‘Thanks for a magical, spell-binding, immersive and delightful show. My daughter spent 3 hrs in the park afterwards practising to be an acrobat! X’ 

–Fiona Jane McAlley

‘A great show – thanks for all the hard work putting it on. It was my daughter’s first experience of the circus and she was enthralled!’

–Glen Maxwell


‘Absolutely Fabulous!!! Well done & a MASSIVE THANK YOU TO ALL WHO MADE IT COME TRUE!!! Loved it &can’t wait to see what you create next!! My son was still reenacting his favourite bits on the way to school this morning! :)’

-Ben Davey

‘Get your tickets people! Even turned a non-circus person into a complete convert. Amazing show, brilliant story and fantastic performers’

-Nelly Fou

'A cultural necessity that needs to be protected'- Estella Tincknell

'These guys rock! Saw them on the weekend doing street performance and workshops. Scarlette was great juggler and trainer, hannah with the hoops entertained the kids for ages, and liz got me almost half way across the trapeze with out assistance in my 3rd attempt! These guys are both skilled performers and enthusiastic teachers of their art. 5 stars.' -Sanjay Shelat

I've been few time watching different shows. They toke me in a magical world. My experiences there were Amazing. Wow! Hopefully it Will continues.- Romina Sini

'Awesome community space, really quirky too just my cup tea with the range of drinks and how relaxed the vibe was.' - Mike Slee