YardArts is the brain child of Christo Machon. It began in a small yard in Old Market, with very limited space. However YardArts proved itself to be organised and determined. This led to the opportunity to expand…

YardArts evolved into St. Pauls, with a location big enough for YardArts to perform. With our productions being a huge success we kept filling the area with entertainment.


YardArts now has a location in Kingswood on The Creative Youth Network's estate. We couldn't host performances here, but we've been busy with outreach workshops and events. 

We keep searching for more locations in Bristol and the surrounding areas...


YardArts are continuing to look for land which we are going to transform into...

The YardArts Village!

There we will have our unique geo-dome venue, tenants, cafe and workshops for artists. YardArts will tie together all aspects of the arts from circus performers to silversmiths.